User Guide of Meykers® Classic Burger Press

Installation Steps

4 Easy Steps Making Professional Patties

Tips for Preventing Sticking

There is a non-stick coating on the surface of the press and the plate, however, the meat would still kind of stick to the side if you press really hard. Here're some solutions:
1. Spray some PAM or oil on the base mold or your ground meat before pressing.
2. Put more than one wax paper or a bigger wax paper (larger than 4.5") in the base mold before pressing.

If none of the ways above work, we may suggest you try not to press too hard.

Other Tips for Using

👍1/4-1/3 pound (4 -6 oz) meat would be great for making a patty, The thickness will vary with the amount of ground meat.

👍The patty papers can be used to separate your pressed patties, preventing them from stick together when you freeze them.

👍If you need more papers in the future, you can go back to amazon, search for "meykers patty paper", to get 500 pack substitute.

👍There is a non-stick coating on the surface of the press and the plate, please avoid scratching or abrasion.

👍The burger press is dishwasher safe. However, if too much dishwashing powder is added, it might damage the non-stick coating surface of the burger press. If you're not sure whether your dishwasher is suitable for cleaning kitchenware with non-stick coating, here are our suggestions:

a.) Wash the burger press by hand instead.

b.) Consult your dishwasher manufacturer for proper cleaning of non-stick coating kitchenware.


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