Meykers® Burger Smasher Set

Please note that we offer both "with-papers" and "without-papers" burger smasher sets. If you need (more) proper-sized parchment papers, please feel free to click HERE.

How to Make Perfect smash?

STEP 1️) Put a meatball on a griddle, and put a pcs of included parchment paper on it.

STEP 2️) Smash the meatball with Meykers Burger Smasher.

STEP 3) Take off the parchment paper, Then you'll have a perfect smashie!


Small Tip: To make the meat more flat and produce the lacy edge, you could twist or draw circles with the smasher when pressed.


Q: Will the smasher get rust?

A: No, it won't. It's made by food grade 304 stainless steel.


Q: Is this dishwasher safe? Is cleaning this with soap?

A: It's dishwasher safe. And it's OK if you hand-washing with soap.


Q: Does the metal handle get hot?

A: There's air inside the handle, so it won't get hot that soon. However, This press is for smashing burgers, if you leave it on the griddle for an extended period of time, it will eventually get hot. Please remember to wear heat-resistant gloves if you'd like to leave it on the griddle or skillet for a while.


Q: Is it necessary to smash the burger with parchment paper?

A: We’d say it’s better to have. As the cold meat may stick. Putting a pcs of paper will let you have an easy & clean transition between pressing each burger.


Q: What to do with the leftover papers?

A: You could keep the papers for the future smash. Or you could form the rest of the meat into burger patties and use the papers to separate and freeze them.



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